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The Passage - reworked by Dave-DK

This image caught my eye when I was searching Deviant Art for some inspiration for a landscape piece I am going to do.

Firstly the arrangement of this work is perfect, I imagine those strange jets have been meandering through the tight walls and small tunnels of this ancient canyon on their way to their home civilisation. The presence of distant cliffs provides the impression that this is indeed a very large canyon (perhaps it has changed an entire desert planet to be that way over billions of years) while the presence of closer walls and high boulders show us that this canyon might look more like the tunnels of an ant farm from above. The image of the impressive civilisation beyond the archway gives the image an immediate destination and IMO really makes the piece.

The lighting and shadowing of the environment is superbly executed and also the distant dusty haze makes the image have depth. I really love the architecture in the scene, it has a unique style, almost crossed between Roman and Islamic in design. The ships look great too and all the details work really well together.

This kind of image is quite popular with the sci-fi art genre so it's not entirely original, however nothing is these days. As an image for that genre, I'd say this is a well executed example of the work, and while the general idea you are going for is not entirely original, I'd say that the depiction you have created is unique in it's own right.

I really appreciate the effort behind this work and it has come off exceptionally well, you should feel proud :) Faved
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Dave-DK Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I never tried to make a very original work with this one... I focused on getting a good compostition and getting a qualitative result with the tools I have at hand.
Dave-DK Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for your critique.

I can't take any credit for the byzanthin arvhitecture, they're commercial 3d models (except for the landing platform)
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